Athos is the leader of the younger pack and, although he is the smallest, he is definitely in charge of the younger boys. That said he has a gentle and calm nature and is a lovely little boy to walk. He likes a head massage.

Aramis is the greedy one of the younger boys. He will happily eat his way through all his food and then everyone else’s! He likes a cuddle and also a selfie. He can get easily distracted by plants to nibble along the way.

Porthos is the naughty one in the young group; he is mischievous and likes to play around. He is the tallest of the younger group and half brother to both Aramis and Athos. Although he is the biggest he likes to have his brothers around for support. 

Ludo was quite shy when he joined the group as at the time he was the youngest and the group were already established. Now he has grown so much he is be bigger than his dad, Blue. He is the chattiest of the group and makes us laugh with his noises. He also likes a cuddle now he has got over his shyness.

Blue, who is actually black, is our oldest walking male and he is quite independent. He enjoys a treat when  he's trekking. You will be able to tell as soon as you see them together that he is Ludo’s dad.

Star is the biggest of our older group and he is a stud male. He is the boss of the group and likes to keep the others in line. He really enjoys going on long walks when he isn't in with his girls.

Llewellyn is the greediest of the bigger boys and loves his food. He hates to be left behind so he will make sure you keep up with everyone. He walks very calmly and is always waiting for the next feeding spot!

Jacamo is a special alpacas as he is the only one to have white eyes and he is also deaf. However he is extremely friendly and loves to trek. In fact he likes to go faster than the others and tries to get to the front. He loves to be stroked and will rub his head up and down your body given half the chance.

Barley and Casper came back to us from a equine rescue centre. At first they were inseparable as they had a bad experience before coming to us and were attacked by dogs. They are now settled in and have started to enjoy trekking. Barley is quite greedy over his food whilst Casper also enjoys his food but is a bit more polite about it! We have also discovered that Barley is Star's dad. 

Ivor is the father of the 3 musketeers, he is a confident alpaca and enjoys trekking. He also likes the ladies and will quite often be found at the front of the trek trying to lead the other boys. 


Christopher is one of our younger alpaca boys, he is a cros between huacaya and suri alpaca. He is very sweet and loves trekking he can be naughty with his food though. 
D'Artagan He is the newest to our team. He is a beautiful red colour and is only 1 year old, he loves trekking and likes to see everything, He does like to go with his best friend Christopher.

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